Arista Networks and Wealthfront: Two sides of Capital Raising

Capital Raising

I was reading yesterday the Mary Mecker’s Internet Trends 2014 Report and some of the stats that surprised me were the Global Technology IPO Issuance, 1990 – 2014YTD (Slide # 21) and the USA Technology Venture Capital Financing, 1989 – 2013 (Slide # 22). These stats highlighted the global impact that tech sector is making around the world, and the constant growth of Venture Capital raising of tech companies. Did you read at GigaOm the insane amount of capital that Uber raised for a 17 billion valuation?. Ok, I understand: it’s much better to have a lot of cash in the bank (based in experts, every company should have enough cash for 18 months), but why every founder is concentrated in capital raising, instead to focus in revenue generation, and to build a profitable business. Don’t make me wrong, I love Uber, even, I put them like one of the best examples of a Mobile focused company, but my concern is about if Uber’s team needs this huge amount for the global expansion? I don’t know.

There are many companies which have become in great organizations, even without outside capital; or others which have requested the right capital with a detailed strategy to use it wisely. I will talk about two companies which one of the them is of the “NotVC” side, and another which have raised the right amount of capital. These two companies are: Arista Networks and Wealthfront.

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Red Hat + DataStax: A partnership to dominate the Cloud-Based Analytics Business


Could you imagine a world where Thomas Cameron (Chief Architect, Canada and Central US at Red Hat) and Martin Van Ryswyk (EVP of Engineering at DataStax) make a webinar how to deploy a secure DataStax Enterprise Edition cluster in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (RHEL7)? Or, could you imagine a world where Robin Schumacher (VP of Products at DataStax) and Blake Eggleston, Senior Architect at SHIFT make a joint presentation in the next Red Hat Summit or the upcoming Cassandra Summit 2014 about JVM Optimizations and considerations for Cassandra deployments in RHEL7? These two ideas could be just the beginning of a partnership between DataStax and Red Hat. Why? Keep reading

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Amazon should hack the next pop-up loft location with Analytics

Amazon Loft

It’s Day One !!! This mantra is always in Amazon’s crew minds. The company is always trying to reinvent to itself, looking for new ways how to make profits with 500% customer focusing; even if the actions in the beginning means to lose some capital. The same thing have happened several times: the Kindle Fire’s device family which entered in the Mobile era, and have placed a lots of services around it like Amazon Prime, the vibrant App Store for the devices, the revolutionary Amazon Silk (the ultra-fast cloud-accelerated web browser); or the reinvention of e-commerce using highly complex recommendation algorithms to predict what the user wants; or Amazon Web Services who have become in the de-facto Cloud Computing platform.

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Why you should work for Pure Storage

Pure Storage

Have you read “2013 Silicon Valley Career Guide” written by Andy Rachleff, former CEO of Wealthfront and Elizabeth MacBride? If you haven’t read it, stop what are you doing, and download the pdf version, or you have an iPhone or an iPad ,you can download in that format too. Andy and Elizabeth made an incredible work here puting an outstanding pice of work in your hands with remarkable insights about to carefully select a company to work, how to deal with you compensation package and more great things.

Even, they provided their list of mid-size companies with momentum. I have written about several of them here: Lookout, HootSuite, HubSpot, LinkedIn, OpenDNS, Palo Alto Networks, RocketFuel, Dropbox, Cloudera, and more.

But today, I will concentrate in one of these companies, which is in the list too, and I’m particularly love, not just for their momentum, but for the people involved, their potential to become in a leader of their respective market not just inside U.S but making a global impact. This company is not just hiring in the valley, but in Europe and APAC too. So, for that reason I selected them. This company is: Pure Storage.

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Mobile-First Strategy Done Right: Hotel Tonight, Uber and Buffer

Facebook's Paper

If you are a stats lover like me, you should know why Mobile is eating the world. We are in the “Internet of Things” where everything is conected and we all are inmerse everyday in our smartphones; for that reason, there are a lot of companies which are aware of these statistics, and they are investing in Mobile apps and platforms heavily.

One of the best examples is Facebook, which published the reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2013 Results, and announced a new Mobile application called Paper, which “lets you to explore and share stories from friends and the world around you”. If you read slowly the stats, you will see that importance of Mobile advertising and Mobile users for Facebook:

Mobile advertising revenue represented approximately 53% of advertising revenue for the fourth quarter of 2013, up from approximately 23% of advertising revenue in the fourth quarter of 2012

But, Facebook is not the only company which changed its Business strategy and embraced Mobile (Thanks Sheryl); there are a lot of companies doing this; even there are some of these companies that the first thing is Mobile; and it seems that the strategy is working very well. I will concentrate in three of my favorite Mobile companies: Hotel Tonight, Uber, and Buffer.

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