Describing the blog with clean words

This is my first post here in my new blog. Thanks to the Posterous’s Team, I think that I will write more on a blog. Thanks, guys. First, I will try to explain in clean and right words which will be the main topics of the blog. I’m a young Data Scientist with a huge passion for the design and implementation of large-scaled distributed systems for data analysis, mainly based on the amazing Apache Hadoop( and its completed ecosystem. Please, if you are analyzing huge quantity of data, and you want to perform this task everyday, take a look to Hadoop.

The another topic that I will try to take a look on the blog is the statistic analysis with R (, which is a completed environment for this task and for data visualization. And the last topic is Data Mining and Knowledge’s Discovery techniques, that is fascinating my brain. I hope that my thoughts about these topics were useful to you.



Marcos Luís Ortíz Valmaseda
 Software Engineer (Large-Scaled Distributed Systems)
 University of Information Sciences,
 La Habana, Cuba
 Linux User # 418229

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