Employees, Employers and IT Events

IT Events

Why Employers should let to participate to employees in Big events?

There are many good and amazing IT events in the world, and many employees, sometimes want to participate on these events, and they are full of work, they can not simply gain three or four weeks in the year to enjoy some events, and one of the main reasons for it, is that their employers are very strict and hard bosses that they don’t understand that these events improve their business exponentially.

So, my advices for business owners and CEOs are:

Please, always include on the perks for employees some days to participate on these events

    1. I sure you that your employees will be more happy everyday if you, like their boss, let them to increase their professional network and talk about similar troubles or solutions for a certain issue

Listen to your employees about the events that they are talking about, and susprise them buying a ticket for it

    1. Think, boss, for example, if you have a great group of sysadmins inside your company, and they use for their daily job Puppet or Chef for configuration management; you should consider two amazing events: PuppetConf and ChefConf.

      Second example: if you have the pleasure to work with Big Data fans and Data Scientists (like me, it’s a joke), you have to consider some good events in these topics: HBaseCon, Hadoop Summit, Strata Conference and Hadoop World, The Open Source Convention, by O’Reilly (OSCON), are you listen, my friends??

Guide to your employees to increase their soft skills

    1. It’s a matter of communication, so, you have to train to your co-workers to practice their own communication’s skills everyday to expose, comment and talk with colleagues about certain issues that they are facing in your company. Teach to your coworkers to use business cards, it doesn’t matter if he/she is a product manager, a marketing specialist, a sysadmin, a software architect; they always have to use business cards, because, you don’t know if the contacts that they know on these events could be your potencial customers or your next business partners. Note: Introduce the soft skills bug in your employees: communication, teamwork, leadership, time management and motivation

Gain in visibility for the world writing about these events

  1. Motivate to your co-workers to write in the technical blog of the company their personal thoughts about their participation in the event. If your employee participate on the SURGE Conference, the amazing event for Scability, founded by the OmniTI amazing engineers and their CEO Theo Schlossnagle, please, say to your colleague to write about their experience, the new contacts that he/she made, his/her personal insight about the event, which talks or discussions were more useful to him/her. The community will be very grateful with these comments.

Final Thoughts

So, my friend, think about this and listen to your employees about these events, give to them a opportunity to prove to you how valuable is one of these events, and you will be rewarded forever. Believe, it’s worth it.

Happy Hacking !!!

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