Chicago: the Wonderland of Data Science in November

City of Chicago

Three great analytics events in one place

Attention !!!, my friends, these are great news for Data Scientists. In November, particulary, the 14th, 15th and 16th days, Chicago will become in the Wonderland of Analytics; because the IE Group will host three great events:

  • The first Chief Data Scientist Summit in November 14:

    Here, you will find a Former Chief Scientist from Amazon, a Data Scientist from Google, a Data Scientist from Salesforce, a professor from George Mason University, a Chief Data Scientist from Accretive Health, and many more great professionals talking about real Data Science problems. You can see all speakers here

  • The Business Intelligence Innovation Summit, in November 15 and 16:

    You will explore how modern businesses have changed due to technological developments and how effective business intelligence has created new opportunities for businesses to expand their markets.

  • The Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit, in November 15 and 16:

    You will provide a deeper understanding of how data can be used to identify patterns and trends, understand consumer behavior and gain a crucial advantage over competitors.

So, my friend, don’t waist the opportunity to hear to several brilliant minds of the industry. The venue is in the beautiful W Hotel. Just one last note, if you want to reserve your sit today, contact to Sean Foreman immediately. It’ a shame that I don’t have the resources to participate, because I know that this is a unique opportunity; but you are not me; this is your chance to obtain a tsunami of knowledge in just three days; so again, register today and take this opportunity to chat with real practitioners working in real-time problems in Analytics.

Happy Hacking !!!
Marcos Luis Ortíz Valmaseda

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