4 Top Reasons to attend to Data Marketing 2013

Data Marketing 2013

Have you dreamed with one place where everyone is a leader in the Marketing field? You have a chance for that: just attend to the next Data Marketing 2013. I will give you my top 4 reasons why you should attend to this event, if you are a Data-Driven Marketing professional.

Reason # 1: All speakers are amazing

For me, this is the top reason. All speakers in the event are leaders in the field, so, this is an unique opportunity to hear facts, stats and numbers explaining why Marketing is changing forever with a major focus on Analytics and Content. To name a few, I will put a short list of my favorite speakers:

I sent a tweet for that:

Reason # 2: Data-Driven Marketing is the big topic

Did you buy the Big Data Marketing: Engage Your Customers More Effectively and Drive Value book by Lisa Arthur, Teradata’s Chief Marketing Officer? If you are a Marketing pro, you should. Analytics are changing Marketing field for good, and this is the right place to learn from leaders in the field, become your company in a Content Marketing factory.

Reason # 3: Remarkable location: Toronto, ON

I think that I don’t have to talk about this. If you have been in Toronto, ON; you should know that, and if you haven’t been there (like me, you are not the first); you will enjoy even more that your trip. An image says more that 10 words:
Toronto, ON

Reason # 4: An unique opportunity for Marketing-related Networking

With the great crew that will be there, you can grow your network having and enjoying great conversations about the future of Marketing. Do you have some ideas about how to start a conversation? I will share with you some questions here:


So, my friend, What are you waiting for? Just register here and enjoy to be around of the smarter Marketing minds.


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