Selling an idea for free: a VC firm focused on Green Tech investments

Green tech

I read a great book the last year that changed my life forever: “Rich Father, Poor Father”, by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon L. Letchter, two of my personal heroes today, because they knew how to explain me how to open my mind and to wake up my financial genius, to try to think always in new ideas, and if we have the resources, put them to work.

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Red Hat ‘s billion dollars milestone

Red Hat

Congratulations to the Red Hat’s team

It’s amazing to know that Red Hat has become on the first “pure play” open source company to make more than 1 billion of dollars in one year (1.13 billions exactly). The numbers of the fourth quarter are simply amazing: 297 millions of dollars; and in this way Red Hat is joined to the software elite companies with more than a billion dollar revenue. Congratulations to the completed team at Red Hat: Now it’s certainly proved that with Open Source can be done a lot of revenue; if you don’t know, ask to Red Hat.

Happy Hacking !!!