Big Data Marketing: The book for the future and current CMO

Big Data Marketing book

I have to tell you: I’m an avid reader. I think that I have read in my life more than 2000 books, and I’ve not stopped because that’s precisely have becomed in a better writer. There are books that have changed my mind and thinking like Adam Grant’s “Give and Take”, Josh Kaufman‘s “Personal MBA”, Robert Kiyosaki‘s “Rich Father, Poor Father”, Porter Gale’s “You Network is your Net Worth”. But when I had Lisa Arthur’s book “Big Data Marketing: Engage Your Customers More Effectively and Drive Value” in my hands, simple like that: I could not stopped reading it. Here’s my personal review about the book.

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LinkedIn: A key platform for your Content Marketing Strategy


I was reading two brilliant whitepapers about Content Marketing and Content Strategy shared by NewsCred and the Content Marketing Institute. The first whitepaper called “The Content Marketing Playbook: 9 Actionable Strategies To Get You Started” is an amazing writing piece; and the second is the “How to Create a Documented Content Marketing Strategy: 36 Questions”. This reading made me to think about how Social Media is changing Marketing forever.

To develop an engaging and relevant Content Strategy, you need to identify your best Social Media channels, and thinking like a Data-Driven Marketing pro, you must analyze your critical Marketing KPIs and to see how these channels are affecting or helping to your brand. In this post, I will talk about one of these channels: LinkedIn, and why you should embrace to your Content Marketing pros to use it.

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4 Top Reasons to attend to Data Marketing 2013

Data Marketing 2013

Have you dreamed with one place where everyone is a leader in the Marketing field? You have a chance for that: just attend to the next Data Marketing 2013. I will give you my top 4 reasons why you should attend to this event, if you are a Data-Driven Marketing professional.

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Content Marketing done right in the Venture Capital world

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is becoming in a great tool to spread the word, and some Venture Capital firms are doing an amazing job, using some Content Marketing techniques like blogging, make a clinical use of Social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, video series related to Entrepreneurship and many more things. Do you want to know the list of my favorite VC firms which are doing a great job with Content Marketing? Keep reading.

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The Global Growth of Mobile Advertising space

If you follow me at Twitter(@marcosluis2186), you should read all my tweets focused on Mobile Advertising, which is becoming in a niche market today in every region of the world. EMEA, APAC, LATAM; every region of the world have seen how many new startups or well established companies are embracing “Mobile revolution”, so, for advertisers and Marketing professionals, there are a lot of opportunities out there.

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Instagram & Twitter’s Cards: Next Frontiers in Advertising and Content Marketing

Twitter and Instagram

If you read my last post about the Future of Marketing, you should know that Content Marketing is becoming in one of the first choices to create compelling Advertising campaigns to put Return on Investments (ROI) in a skyrocket. But the future is even bright right now with the last news related to Advertising from Instagram and Twitter teams.

Mobile devices are changing Advertising business for good (I think), and everybody who is immerse in this industry knows the key role which smartphones and tablets are playing here. Did you read the last report from comScore called “2013 Mobile Future in Focus”? If you haven’t read it, you should read it right now (I will be waiting for you here, jejeje). In the report, there are lot of insightful statistics who can help you a lot to get inside these trends and how Mobile world is changing almost every industry related to technology.

And who are big players in this space? Instagram with its 150 millions of users (128 millions after Facebook’s acquisition), and Twitter with more than 554,750,000 users; yes, there are serious contenders, I think. So, they could change the industry. But how? Keep reading

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The Future of Marketing? Content, Mobile Space and Analytics

The Future of Marketing

It´s very easy to fall in love of Marketing world, because this field brings an awesome combination of great artists, creative and smart people, and amazing technical solutions to drive the best results for every client who wants to take advantage of it and promote their products.

But, there are new trends who can’t be ignored: Smartphones’s use is growing exponentially; Analytics is becoming in a critical thing to measure correctly which are the best Marketing channels; and a new field called Content Marketing is becoming in the first choice to launch successful Marketing campaigns.

So, I strongly believe that the Future of Marketing is focused in these three components: Content Marketing, Mobile world and Analytics. But, a question comes to my mind: How to take advantage of these trends right now? Using the right tools for the job. The winners for me? HubSpot, LinkedIn, NewsCred and HootSuite. Why? Keep reading Continue reading “The Future of Marketing? Content, Mobile Space and Analytics”

Thinking like a Data-Driven Guy for Dropbox


When I used Dropbox for the first time from my Linux box, it was a shining moment for me. In that time, I was looking precisely for a solution for my files that I used to let behind always in my USB memory. For every Linux user, which many of them loves Open Source software; collaboration is an important issue, and Dropbox came to save my work a lot of times, because the platform itself, is a synonym of collaboration, and this is one of the reason why I love the platform.

The other reason why I love the platform, that they use my favorite programming language for the core development of the proprietary synchronization daemon: Python, and 2012, Guido, the creator of the language was included in Dropbox’s payroll: Just awesome !!!

So, I want to do my little contribution to the platform, writing some ideas how to improve it and the business itself. I will divide this in some key points:

  • Improve blogging frequency in Tech’s blog about Data Science at Dropbox
  • Improve user engagement in Mobile devices using Localytics services
  • Hire to Greg Nudelman like consultant to improve Dropbox for Android, and work with Mailbox’s team for Android-based version
  • Build a high class Data Science team to get more useful and better insights from Dropbox massive data sets
  • Improve Marketing efforts using Inbound Marketing techniques focused on Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogging, ebooks, etc

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The Upcoming Big Wave: Mobile Analytics

Mobile Analytics

The Mobile Marketing Economic Impact study, directed by Peter A. Johnson, PhD and Joseph Plummer, PhD, both Adjunct Professors from the Columbia University in New York showed up in my inbox; in a combined news from Business Insider´s BII MOBILE INSIGHTS, where from WIRED, came the first interview to Sundar Pichai like the new Android’s boss at Google.

This made me to think to write a post about why I think that Mobile Analytics is the next Big Wave for business.

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Thinking like a Product Marketing Manager for Revolution Analytics

Revolution Analytics

Yesterday, I was talking with David Smith (@revodavid), VP of Marketing and R evangelist at Revolution Analytics about why I would do thinking like an Inbound Marketing Manager for the company. I love R, and this team have done an outstanding job bringing this amazing platform directly to the Enterprise world. They have a lot of customers, from small to big companies, so, they are very profitable, but I think that they should build a stronger web presence around the web, and a Product Marketing Manager could help them to do that. How? Keep reading.

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