Choosing a MPP database is incredibly hard

Like the title says, to choose an enterprise-level Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) database is actually a big headache for every Data Science Manager; basically because there are very good choices around the tech world.

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Hadley Wickham and Michael E Driscoll are in the same team now

Hadley Wickham

Hadley Wickham and Michael E. Driscoll: What a duo !!!

Yes, these are great news for the Data Science movement: Hadley Wickham (@hadleywickham), PhD, the Assistant Professor of the Department of Statistics in the Rice University, well known for the creation of ggplot2, the amazing R package for Data Visualization, has a new title right now: Data Scientist in Residence at Metamarkets Group, the company co-founded and managed by Michael E. Driscoll (@medriscoll), PhD, another brilliant mind of the Data Science space.

If you read the blog post at the Metamarkets Group, you should had noted that Wickham is learning Javascript, and in particular, D3.js, the great data visualization library written by Mike Bostock, and after I saw the Wickham’s profile at GitHub, its seems that he is working in a combination of ggplot2 and D3.js called r2d3.

I don’t know what do you think about this; for me this is great, seeing two Big Data rockstars working together on interesting projects and driving the future of Big Data analytics. Personally, I admire to the whole team at Metamarkets Group because they built a Petabyte Data Platform called Druid on top of AWS, optimized for performance, with a peak of 26 billions of operations per second. Is not awesome?

So, stay tuned to the Metamarkets Group blog about the work of Hadley there, I think that it will reshape the data visualization field…again !!!

PostgreSQL 9.2: A rock-solid component for your Cloud infrastructure

PostgreSQL in the Cloud

PostgreSQL 9.2 is out

I opened my mailbox today and for my surprise, I received great news from Selena Deckelmann, one of the main contributors to the excellent database management system (Did I say to you that this is my favorite? Proud user since version 8.0), announcing that PostgreSQL 9.2 was released today, with a lot of new features, major improvements, and bug fixes. Continue reading “PostgreSQL 9.2: A rock-solid component for your Cloud infrastructure”

MadeiraCloud: The visual, simple and social approach to AWS


You have a terrible headache: How to design an scalable architecture using Amazon Web Services in a quick and effective way? How to test an architectural approach to a certain problem and share it in a easy way with you fellows? I have an answer for you: MadeiraCloud.

But, What is MadeiraCloud and how it can solve these problems?
I had the pleasure to talk with his CEO Dany O’ Prey, and after a few lines, I said: “Wow, this deserve a blog post”.

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A very personal opinion: Improvements to Amazon Web Services(AWS)

Amazon Web Services


This blog post describes the improvements that Amazon Web Services (AWS) could do to deliver a better service to customers everyday, solve more problems to them and in the process, generate more revenue for the company.

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Big Data and HPC in the Cloud in Boston

Great event, amazing talks

Today, HPCWire sent to all subscribers amazing news. The city of Boston will be the outstanding host for the AWS Big Data and HPC in the Cloud event on April 27th. Here is the completed message from HPCwire:

Join us April 27th for the Big Data and HPC in the Cloud Event

Big Data and High Performance Computing (HPC) are more than just buzz words. Thousands of companies today are using data to differentiate their products and disrupt a growing number of industries, including media/advertising, retail, gaming, health care, and financial services. Learn how the AWS Cloud can cost effectively provide the scalable computing resources, storage services, and analytics tools required for anyone to participate in these technologies. Join us on April 27 for customer presentations, how–to sessions, and presentations specifically designed for both those new to Big Data and HPC and experienced users looking to learn about what’s new.

Register now here, and enjoy the journey to Big Data and HPC in the Cloud.

Two examples of great speakers are:

Dr. Matt Wood: As the Product Manager for Big Data and HPC for Amazon Web Services, Matt Wood discusses the technical and business aspects of cloud computing throughout the world. With a background in the life sciences and a PhD in Bioinformatics, Matt is interested in helping teams of all sizes bring their ideas to life through technology.

John Rauser, who is an Amazon Data Scientist & Principal Quantitative Engineer on Amazon Web Services’ Infrastructure team where he works to optimize all aspects of Amazon’s data center infrastructure.

What are you waiting for? If you use Amazon Web Services like a core part of your business, don’t wait more to register to this event and hear what Matt and John can show you to optimize your Cloud infrastructure using AWS. The location of the event is in the Back Bay Event Center, John Hancock Hall, 200 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116

Happy Hacking !!!