Thinking like a Data-Driven Guy for Dropbox


When I used Dropbox for the first time from my Linux box, it was a shining moment for me. In that time, I was looking precisely for a solution for my files that I used to let behind always in my USB memory. For every Linux user, which many of them loves Open Source software; collaboration is an important issue, and Dropbox came to save my work a lot of times, because the platform itself, is a synonym of collaboration, and this is one of the reason why I love the platform.

The other reason why I love the platform, that they use my favorite programming language for the core development of the proprietary synchronization daemon: Python, and 2012, Guido, the creator of the language was included in Dropbox’s payroll: Just awesome !!!

So, I want to do my little contribution to the platform, writing some ideas how to improve it and the business itself. I will divide this in some key points:

  • Improve blogging frequency in Tech’s blog about Data Science at Dropbox
  • Improve user engagement in Mobile devices using Localytics services
  • Hire to Greg Nudelman like consultant to improve Dropbox for Android, and work with Mailbox’s team for Android-based version
  • Build a high class Data Science team to get more useful and better insights from Dropbox massive data sets
  • Improve Marketing efforts using Inbound Marketing techniques focused on Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogging, ebooks, etc

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MSBA from NYU Stern: Born to shape Data Science Leaders

NYU Stern School of Business

Some days ago, I wrote a Tweet message that changed my perspective about Business Analytics. That message was sent to Anindya Ghose (@aghose), a professor of the well known New York Stern School of Business and Co-director of the Center for Business Analytics in the same institution. He is an expert in Social Media Analytics, Advertising effectiveness (one of the my favorite research fields), Mobile Advertising market and a lot of amazing stuff that you will amazed for his commitment.

But, he is not alone. With him, there are other brilliant minds working all together to create an amazing Master degree in Business Analytics. Who are? I will mention just two: Sinan Aral, another research leader in Social Networks, Social Media and Digital Strategy, and a Microsoft Faculty Fellow, who wrote an amazing article about the Power of Influence in Social Marketing in the Harvard Business Review, and the professor Vasant Dhar who is the Head of the Information Systems Group at New York University Stern School of Business. Dr. Dhar’s research is focused on Data-driven predictive analytics in Finance, Healthcare, and Social Phenomena. Continue reading “MSBA from NYU Stern: Born to shape Data Science Leaders”

Why Real-Time Analytics matters


Many of you, my good Data Science fellows should be hearing about Real-Time since from several years before, but we are in the Era of Information, and in the years of Big Data, and changes happens so quickly that you need to adapt very fast to support the big wave of information. In Analytics, it’s happening the same thing: because if you can answer smarter questions in seconds, you will be able to react quicker to these changes and that’s really matters in these rush times, my dear friends.

I was reading yesterday a great blog post from Derrick Harris, the well known technology journalist from GigaOM where he exposed some good points about Spark, the great technology which is been developed by AMLab from the University of California, Berkeley. But it’s not just Spark, there are some good pieces of technology which are disrupting Analytics field for good. I will try to put you some of my favorite platforms in this post, but I don’t want to repeat information, so I will write just little things and amazing quotes of each platform. Let’s begin. Continue reading “Why Real-Time Analytics matters”

MapR and Joyent: you should talk


Yes, I have to say this: I admire to the MapR´s management team for the great job that they have done in these few years after the company was founded. In two years, MapR have been become on a respected leader in the rush Big Data following a simple mantra: “Build a great product and create a business around it”.

Well, and which is the product behind the business of MapR? This amazing team have done one of the best Hadoop distributions to this date, divided in two versions: M3, which it’s a free edition of the distribution, and M5, which is the commercial version, with a lot of great features that I will talk later. These two distributions are the key reason why MapR have been selected like an important partner in the Cloud market; first by the Amazon Web Services team, to offer M3 and M5 in the Amazon Marketplace, and then by the new Cloud service offered by Google: Google Compute Engine, proving that MapR has much more to offer to the world. But what about another Cloud services providers? What about Rackpace, HP Cloud Services or Microsoft Azure? Ok, first, let’s talk about MapR.

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Reshaping the Ads Game with Data Science

New players in the Ads business are using Data Science to create smarter and better solutions every day

Big Data in Ads industry

Data Science is becoming more and more important everyday, almost in every business in the planet. It doesn’t matter if the industry is biotech, green technologies, finance, wealth management, security analysis, retail,
e-commerce; we are in the era of information, so; data is everywhere, and to keep running a business, is more frequent now to analyze statistics, trends, to build graphics to show clever results, to construct models based on data mining techniques like logistic regression and predictive analytics, and big data tools like Hadoop, Storm, R, and many others, are playing a key role on this issue.

But I don’t want to talk about a lot of industries; I will focus on one industry that I love to research and to study: “Digital Advertising” Continue reading “Reshaping the Ads Game with Data Science”

What I learned about MIT Sloan MBA program

MIT Sloan

First, a letter directly from MIT Sloan MBA Admissions office

When my mom said to me that a package from MIT arrived to our home, I was excited to read its content. First, a great summany in form of a letter signed by Pamela Spencer, Associative Director of MBA Admissions at MIT Sloan; explaining some key points to find in the brochure.

Then, I began to read the brochure and I was in shock: MIT Sloan MBA program is synonym of collaboration, learning everyday, and innovation.

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Reinvent your business model using Data Science


Do you want to disrupt your industry? Model your business based on Big Data Analytics

The idea of this post came to me when I was reading a great article called “Reinventing Your Business Model” from Harvard Business Review, where Mark W. Johnson, Clayton M. Christensen and Henning Kagermann described in a remarkable way how to embrace innovation and create business models that disrupt industries, and how to change it if you think that’s not working. Highly recommended reading for business leaders, current and future entrepreneurs, product managers, critical thinkers, etc.

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A New Journey like Product Manager

Product Manager

New journey: I was promoted to Product Manager

I’m very happy today, because the management team of the Development Center (Center of Technologies for Data Management) where I work in the University of Information Sciences, picked me like Product Manager for two important products in the Center. SIMPLY AWESOME !!! Continue reading “A New Journey like Product Manager”

Innovation, hard work and constant learning at Hadapt


Innovation, research and constant learning at Hadapt

I have the pleasure to make a great announcement from the Hadapt team: they are looking for Software development stars interesting to build the next generation database on top of the Hadoop platform. This information was posted in the Linkedin’s Hadoop Users group by Greg Clark, so if you are interested on this, you can contact him directly. Continue reading “Innovation, hard work and constant learning at Hadapt”

Why I love MongoDB


Why I love MongoDB?

First, a short story when I meet MongoDB

Did I tell you that my favorite NoSQL data storage system is MongoDB? Yes, I like a lot this document-based data storage solution; it have saved my job a lot of times right now. Why? Easy: in one of my journeys like IT Consultant to Venezuela, when I was working with PDVSA‘s fellows (great guys !!!), we had a huge MySQL 4.0 database (yes, you should note that was a very old version of MySQL, now my recommendation is Percona Server for MySQL users) which was giving a lot of headaches to DBAs. This was the main database of an importan application in the company, so, all bosses were running from one side to another, giving a lot of commands to everyone.

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