Choosing a MPP database is incredibly hard

Like the title says, to choose an enterprise-level Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) database is actually a big headache for every Data Science Manager; basically because there are very good choices around the tech world.

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The Rise of Column-based data stores Part 1

Column-based data stores are becoming in an important trend today

If you read my post about Real-Time Analytics, you should be excited like me about this trend. Did you remember the phrase: “Time is equal to money”? Time is the main cause behind all innovations in the Database world: we want faster solutions; quick ways to gather huge quantity of data; faster ways to query billions of records; faster ways to adapt our infrastructure, etc; and many have tried to give clean and useful solutions to this problem.

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Analytics-based Products: From Hard Science to Massive Revenue

Product analytics

Data-Driven Products are the Future in Business

Data is everywhere; in every thing that we do today; there is a piece of data which is been collected to improve our life or make it worst ( See the The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, “2012 Report to the Nations”). Many organizations have begun to use its rich data silos to create more value for us. The WEB is full of great examples.

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