Securing Small Businesses Digital Assets from Cyber Threats Must be a Global Initiative

Yesterday, I posted a serie of Tweets about some ideas how to help to Small Businesses Owners to protect their digital assets (Web site, accounting systems, Advanced On-Site WI-FI Protection and more), but many people asked me to become these ideas in a more detailed explanation about I’m particularly worried about SMEs, and the answer is simpler than you think: If you read some of the statistics that I shared in the State of Small Businesses in 2015 presentation, you should have seen the importance of Small Businesses in almost every economy around the world, so Why not to create platforms, ideas and initiatives to help them to succeed with a strong CyberSecurity strategy?

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Why IPv6 Matters: Mobile Performance

The last week, in my spare time, I saw very interesting talks about how to improve Mobile App Performance. One particular topic who came in many conversations with my team was the Internet Protocol version 6, well known as IPv6, the next generation Internet Protocol, who solves not just the problem of IPv4 exhaustion, but it’s thought to other problems like security and true end-to-end connectivity. So, I began to dig even deeper why IPv6 matters today for Mobile Performance, and fortunately, I found a lot of cases, people and teams working in the same problem.

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How to keep your Mobile communications Secure and Private

Everyday you read or hear about new stories about Social Engineering Scams, Data breachs, Personal Information Records Threfts, Credit Cards scams, new kind of attacks like Voice Phishing, CryptoLocker, Dino, Duqu; and vulnerabilities like StageFright, POODLE, BEAST, FREAK, and more.

But there is a new shift for hackers right now: Mobile devices and apps; and every second, if you are in the Cyber Security industry, you see that the attacks are becoming more targeted and sophisticated with time. We are using our Mobile devices right now for almost everything: browse the web, to make payments, to chat with friends and family, but many of us are not aware of the dangers and worries about privacy and security when we do that through Mobile; and we need to take advanced measures to protect us from scammers and hackers. I always talk with my family about these issues and I show to them real threats about this. Some have heard my advices, others just ignored me until they are victims of one of this kind of attacks. One of my cousins was one of these victims and he told what he could do today to keep Mobile communications private and secure, and this is the objective of the post: to provide world-class apps and tools to achieve this. Let’s start.

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Apple Cisco Partnership

Apple + Cisco: The Partnership to shake the Enterprise Mobile Market

Writing the last post about Mobile Performance, one of the news that shocked me was the partnership between Apple and Cisco. I began to dig deeper about this, and I understood that this needs a complete post to talk about this profound partnership. When you see this kind of alliances about two massive companies, you begin to look for answers, but the real deal is to make more questions:

  • Wants Apple to bet in big for the Enterprise world?
  • Why Cisco?
  • Why now?

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Thinking in Mobile Apps and Mobile Sites Performance

Yes, I have to say it: I’m a Performance junkie; I’m trying always to the fastest and suitable solution for a particular problem in the architecture of the platforms where I’m involved. In my case, I learned a lot about caching systems, HTTP servers optimization (my favorite is Nginx right now), Databases systems tuning, and more. But everything changed when I was charged to lead the first Mobile app development in my organization.

Here in Cuba, we are in a different technology perspective of the world, because mostly of the time, we are offline of Internet. Recent changes in ETECSA (the Telecomms company in the country) services has allowed to more Cuban people to be connected more often, but the majority of the population can’t afford the service (an Internet connection card through public WI-FI costs 2 CUC per hour, the equivalent to 2 USD per hour, and it’s located in specific zones around the country). Due to this problem, you have to code every Mobile app with an offline-thinking, and we have to make it right the first time, because:

  • You have only one chance to prove that your app is valuable to them
  • You don’t have any form of feedback, and many of them simply can’t send it to you

So, my team and me started to getting deep about Mobile performance issues and how to fix the problems quickly.

We began to focus first in the offline version of the app, and then we began to think about to incorporate some small online features to it. In the process, we learned that there are so many problems that could affect the performance of your Mobile app, which you can feel intimidated, but many of these problems can be solved today with a detailed planing of your Mobile app development and with a completed view of all performance metrics that could affect your app. And this is the main objective of this post: to help you to identify quickly these problems, and the solutions that you could apply today, and the products and teams that could help you in the process. So, let’s start the journey.

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200 facts about SMEs

200+ Global Facts about the State of Small Businesses in 2015

“Small Businesses are important for the global economy”, I said in a recent conversation with an U.S high-level executive the last week. “I know that”, he said to me, and continued “But, to create a good plan to launch a product focused in small and medium enterprises, we need to know how many of them are actually around the globe”. And my straight answer was: “I think you have to focus in at least 5 countries, 10 countries like maximum, because you can’t launch a product simultaneously in more than 10 countries at the same time, there are many different needs for SMEs around the world, even in a same country”.

I continued: “If you want to see a good example of internationalization, you can see read how Mina Radhakrishnan did it (1, 2) at Uber (now she is a EIR Redpoint Ventures), but you can note one thing: they have hundreds of employees, from many countries and different cultures, which is critical for a massive work like this one; and seriously my friend, you don’t that quantity of personnel to embrace this huge task”. And he said:“OK, I understand your point. So, if you were to select some countries, what they would be?”. And everything started with that conversation.

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CyberFlow Analytics

CyberFlow Analytics: Anomalytics for Internet of Things Networks

Cybercrime is more organized than ever before. If you are in the industry of Cybersecurity, you see everyday more and more companies that are victims of a highly coordinated DDoS attack or you see highly-targeted data breach, which cost 3.8 million like average. So, if hackers are getting more sophisticated, companies that are want to be protected, need to take a bold approach and to make contracts for a robust security programs for this. Greg Day and Bryce Boland, from FireEye, made a great post explaining how to quanlify the economic return from Cybersecurity solutions; and based in this approach, I think that every serious company with Enterprise customers need to think deeply on this.

But, How could you take this approach? Is any available solution to provide Real-Time detection of attacks? The simple answer is: YES. The not-so-simple answer is a little more complicated: to accomplish this difficult task, a modern Cybersecurity solutions needs to be based in the principles described by Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi (former Head of Research at AT&T Labs and a well known Cybersecurity expert): 3P (Proactive, Preventative and Predictive). Many security solutions could fulfill the first P, but the next two are more complicated, because here is where comes to play Advanced Analytics using Data Mining and Machine Learning techniques in Real-Time. This combinations of techniques and methods, could be something Dr. Eslambolchi defined like: Anomalytics. What is this, and more importantly, who is in the frontline of Anomalytics? Keep reading to find out.

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