5 Facts Why I Want to Work at DataStax

I was reading an exceptional book some months ago called: “Think and Grow Rich” written by Napoleon Hill, where I learned a fundamental thing to command the course of your destiny: focus, determination and desire and I want to apply that to know where I want to work: After “thinking” for several days and months about this, looking for a company with enough potential to grow to become in a global success which is part of the Big Data revolution, is embracing and it’s part of the Cloud wave, and has a strong vision for the next 10 years; one name came to my mind: DataStax. You should be thinking that I’m wrong saying this openly, but for me it’s not the case: simply I’m focused, determinated and with a strong desire to success. If you have read Andy Rachleff “2013 Silicon Valley Career Guide” (Chairman at Wealthfront) to evaluate a company in the valley, you should know why I want to work at DataStax, declared by Andy like one of the Middle-Size companies with Momentum, but this is not the unique reason why I want to use all my efforts to work at DataStax. How I arrived to the conclusion that this company is the right one? The upcoming words are to explain my decision, how I researched the company, its current and prospective customers, how I understood its potential growth and more. I will describe this like the title of the post in facts, analyzing one by one each of these points.

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Why the new Amazon Linux AMI release matters for Modern Data Analytics platforms

Some weeks ago, I received an email from Jeff Barr (Chief Evangelist at Amazon Web Services) explaining the new features that brings the new Amazon Linux AMI, and when I finished to read the post in the AWS blog, I commented all the changes with my team about the impact that all features could carry in AWS Based Big Data Analytics platforms. The completed list of changes are here. When you begin to analyze all the improvements that are inside the Linux kernel 3.14.19 has, you should wonder how this release could make for High Performance Analytics platforms like Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), or for your Amazon Redshift cluster, or your own Hadoop cluster on top of Amazon EC2 using this Linux AMI. I will comment some of my favorite features in this post. Keep reading

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Fixing a problematic bug with Pentaho PDI in Linux Mint 17

Some days ago, I was working with Pentaho Data Integration (known like Kettle) and in recent versions of Linux, the platform wasn’t initiate for a problem with libsoup2.4, which is a HTTP library implementation in C, and it’s used by Webkit libraries which come with Pentaho PDI. This platform uses libsoup2.4.1 to launch the quick reference site that explain some basic things about the Pentaho Business Intelligence, but for some reason, this site wasn’t been shown, and the launch process was been stopped every time that I tried to initiate the program. So, how to fix it? Keep reading.

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Why Oracle should create a Venture Capital firm

You should be saying: “This guy is totally out of his mind” and I tell you: Perhaps, my friend, perhaps!!! I think that everyone needs a short moment of madness, and after that, think and make points in a better way. But seriously, in an era where financial markets are going up and down so quickly; every company should think in new ways to arrive to profitability, and putting some eggs in the right baskets could be very lucrative if it’s done in the right ways.

So, for that reason, I think that Oracle should follow the examples of Google (Google Ventures and Google Capital), Qualcomm (Qualcomm Ventures), SAP (SAP Ventures) and Intel (Intel Capital); and create its own Venture Capital firm. But a different kind of VC firm. How? Keep reading.

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7 LinkedIn Marketing tatics that Socialbakers could apply right now

In my years like a professional interested to provide value to my company and my contacts network, I’ve learned that LinkedIn is a must-have for every person in the world interested to be part of what Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn’s CEO calls “Economic Graph”, where every professional who has a profile can create a better economic opportunity for the others who is connected.

We all need to understand deeply in our heart and soul, because we could apply the same thing thinking like a business. LinkedIn provides a unique chance to promote your business and services like nobody could do it, and that’s why I want to present the tactics that could apply today at to convert the company page in a huge lead generation machine.

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4 Brilliant Combinations of Great Marketing Strategies and Tech Events

Yesterday, I was reading a great post in the’s blog written by Lynn Vojvodich, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at, which was talking about a great panel discussion that she was leading with well known Chief Marketing Officers: Beth Comstock (CMO at GE), Nick Besbeas ( VP of Marketing at LinkedIn) and Gabriel Stricker (Chief Communications Officer for Twitter). When you begin to read all lessons that Lynn learned from them, you will be amazed for the level of truth in the words from these Marketing leaders. I encourage you to enjoy the full video of the panel; it’s simple an eye-opener.

When you begin to analyze deeply the Marketing strategies behind these companies, you will see something in common: There is a powerful message behind it, and everything flows from there. Tech companies are great examples of constant innovation, and their Marketing strategies are not the exception: They love to create insightful campaigns to reach the right customers for their products. But, you should know that to make a compelling Marketing strategy in the tech world is hard for the huge quantity of products, services, offerings and more. So, when you want to learn how to do it in the right way, you always look for references. That’s the main objective of this post: to show you how Red Hat, Hortonworks, Skytree and have understood all this, have created strong messages for their respective Marketing strategies and have lined with great tech events.

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Adoreboard, a revolutionary platform telling brands how the world feels about them online

Some days ago, I talked with Chris Johnston, CEO and co-founder of, a UK business intelligence company who are creating waves in Europe and the US (they’ve just picked up Best Tech start-up 2014 award from the influential Silicon Valley Technology Forum). The conversation was very exciting for the great platform that he and his team are creating, so the idea of an interview came to the table, so Chris and I worked together to prepare one technical interview to their Chief Technology Officer Dr. Fergal Monaghan, to take a closer look at the core of the technology and ultimately what is creating the clear differentiation they’re achieving in the big data and analytics space.

Dr Fergal Monaghan Adoreboard

Dr Fergal Monaghan CTO of

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